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LUXURY SHIT is the first wallpaper capsule collection by LONDONART, with the unmistakable desecrating design of TOILETPAPER, which includes the most iconic and best-selling subjects, born from the mind of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Suitable for any environment, LUXURY SHIT wallpapers accentuate the pop and democratic tone of contemporary environments or play down, in perfect contrast, classic and ultra-luxury environments. Each has an immediate visual impact, able to capture the observer’s gaze and keep it glued to the wall. So a shower of popcorn, a sea of spaghetti and chips or a gun that drips gold become decoration. Because after all, in its most absolute absurdity, everything is possible in the TOILETPAPER world.

XS – 200×310 cm (4 roll) = 6,20 mq
S – 300×310 cm (6 roll) = 9,30 mq
M – 400×310 cm (8 roll) = 12,40 mq
L – 500×310 cm (10 roll) = 15,50 mq
XL – 600×310 cm (12 roll) = 18,60 mq

Size: 200x310 cm