The Three Qattelan

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Maurizio Cattelan presents a sequel to his first work for Three Star Books. “The Three Qattelan” follows “Die / Die more / Die better / Die again” (2007), and continues the story of his autobiographic ongoing series. The book is entirely edited and designed by the artist, who has selected his long- time interlocutor, Francesco Bonami as interpretant for the volume. In forty-nine pages of handwritten and illustrated text, subsequently printed in offset this book manuscript seeks out the original spirit of making books into artworks. Forty-nine plates painstakingly painted by a Chinese illustrator provide pictures instead of reproductions. Each plate has been printed on one side only, exactly as the artist realized the design. Capable of bending economic, critical, and public media attention to his will, on extraordinary macro-levels, in his autobiography, Cattelan shows that his masterly control ranges from power over multitudes to the precise placement of pictures and punctuation on the printed page.

February 2010
Regular edition of 1000 copies
Description: Format: 32.5 x 43 cm - 12.8 x 17 in.
Forty-nine loose pages printed offset in 5 colors
Paper: Munken Print Cream, 300 g/m2
Slipcase: CPMC, Paris, recycled cardboard, embossed and foil stamped text, image printed and glued in plate sink Printing: Fälth & Hassler, Sweden.