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Perfect for the home and for contract, since it complies with the legislation that governs furnishings of public places, the fabric is available in three different tones of green, green, greener e greenest, which on the one hand recall the classic color of PRATONE® and on the other play on the fact that, over the years, that green has never been identical to itself. Each PRATONE®, in fact, can be considered a unique piece, being entirely finished by hand.

More restrained in its dimensions – being 30% smaller than the original one and featuring 25 stams instead of the classic 42, to adapt to the spaces of contemporary dwellings – PRATONE® FOREVER remains faithful to the Radical spirit that distinguishes its aesthetic. The base still bears its name embossed in quotes: if in the original version the word “PRATONE” is engraved directly in the polyurethane, here it is silkscreened in black on the fabric, keeping the original font unchanged.

Seat in soft polyuretane upholstered with bouclé wool.
Use: indoor
Material: polyurethane foam
Finish: Guflac®
Dimensions: 125x118x93 cm (49,2x45,5x36,6 in)
Ceretti / Derossi / Rosso

Color: Green